2 residents facing drug charges and millions in fines

February 12, 2015

Drug charges typically have regrettable consequences for accused individuals, especially if convictions happen. Recently, two Illinois residents were arrested after federal indictments were returned against each of them for drug charges. They face years behind bars and million in fines if government prosecutors are able to secure convictions.

According to reports, authorities charged a 45-year-old man with conspiracy to sell crack and cocaine last year.  At this time, the man is being held at a jail facility with no bond, and the trial is scheduled to begin in March. A 24-year-old woman is also facing a number of federal criminal charges. Authorities charged her with possession of pseudoephedrine to make methamphetamine. She was also charged with conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine.

The woman is also being held in a jail facility with no bond. The man could face anywhere between a five-year to a 40-year prison sentence if he is convicted. Even after being released, he would spend four years under supervision. He could also face a fine of $2 million. The woman could spend the next 20 years behind bars if convicted and three years of supervision once released.

Federal prosecutors in Illinois pursue drug charges to the fullest extent of the law. Nevertheless, just because the individuals were formally charged does not mean they will be found guilty. Prosecutors will need to prove in court each and every element of the crimes charged in the indictments Furthermore, the individuals have the right to contest the allegations against them and challenge evidence prosecutors intend to use on constitutional or other legal grounds.

Source: fox2now.com, “Illinois pair indicted on drug charges“, Kevin S. Held, Feb. 2, 2015

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