8 face drug charges based on alleged ties to drug cartel

December 17, 2014

Drug charges come with serious consequences that are life-changing for those who are convicted in a court of law. However, simply being accused of criminal conduct does not mean that one will necessarily be convicted. After a recent Illinois drug bust, eight individuals now face drug charges and the fear of conviction.

According to reports, the leader of the group used a variety of resources to bring drugs, such as cocaine and heroin, into Illinois from out of the country. Once the drugs arrived, they were supposedly housed in multiple warehouses located in the Chicago suburbs. Allegedly, a drug cartel operating south of the border benefited from the drugs being imported. Authorities performed searches at one business and three residences.

Out of the eight people who were charged, seven face conspiracy charges related to the possession and distribution of heroin. All eight of them were charged with the distribution of heroin on behalf of a drug cartel. Three were placed under arrest in Oklahoma, and three other individuals were arrested near Chicago. The defendants could possibly be sentenced to life behind bars and a fine of $10 million each.

If convicted of drug charges, the individuals could lose their freedom for the rest of their lives. Illinois residents who are charged with drug crimes may be able to reduce their legal risk by gaining knowledge of criminal procedures and their legal rights. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help defendants develop solid defense strategies that can potentially increase the odds of obtaining favorable outcomes.

Source: bnd.com, “8 people charged with Chicago heroin distribution“, Dec. 10, 2014

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