Woman faces violent crimes charges in boyfriend’s death

October 24, 2014

A 30-year-old man died recently after being involved in a dispute at his home. An Illinois woman, characterized as his girlfriend, is facing violent crimes charges after she was accused of killing him. She’s being held on a $500,000 bail.

According to reports, the couple ended up in an argument at their home that escalated into a physical confrontation. Initially, the couple was reportedly yelling at each other and then they started to fight in the presence of their children. After another person took the kids into another room, the violence supposedly escalated even more. Authorities claim that she stabbed her boyfriend multiple times.

The boyfriend had stab wounds to his chest, neck and his arm. Authorities were contacted after a person at the home was reportedly able to get the woman to drop the knife. When authorities arrived at the home, they discovered the boyfriend’s body lying on the ground and covered in blood. He was taken to the hospital and later died.

The accused woman is expected to answer to the murder charge of her boyfriend. Defendants who are charged with violent crimes such as murder undoubtedly have uphill battles in the courtroom, but that does not mean she is automatically guilty of the criminal charges. While the allegations against her are horrific, she has the right to defend herself and testify on her own behalf. She also has the right to challenge any piece of evidence Illinois prosecutors intend to use against her, including witness who testify against her in court, as she fights for achieving a favorable outcome that is in her own best interests.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times, “Woman held on $500K bail in fatal stabbing“, Brian Slodysko, Oct. 19, 2014

2 Illinois brothers charged with multiple rape charges

October 7, 2014

Two brothers face multiple sex crimes charges. The Illinois men were charged with rape after being accused committing of a string of sexual assaults. Reportedly, the duo has been committing violent sexual assaults for over a decade.

One of the brothers, who is 38 years old, reportedly forced himself into women’s homes throughout the Chicago neighborhood of Lakeview. According to reports, he was usually armed with a weapon and threatened to kill the women while he raped them. The younger brother, 29 years old, allegedly participated in two of the rapes that took place inside a vehicle. The older brother was arrested on a recent Saturday night at his place of residence.

Authorities conducted DNA testing, which purportedly linked the brothers to multiple sexual attacks. The older brother was charged with six sexual assaults while the younger brother was charged concerning two of them. The alleged rapes occurred between 2003 and 2012.  No other information about this arrest was reported.

Understandably, a rape conviction can have drastic consequences, and in this case, DNA evidence allegedly linked the brothers to a series of sexual crimes. While the crimes the defendants have been accused of are clearly serious offenses, simple accusations do not constitute guilt in a criminal case. The defendants have the right to dispute any piece of evidence Illinois prosecutors wish to use against them, including DNA samples that were collected. These two men are each guaranteed the legal presumption of innocence as their cases head to court. Nevertheless, each must necessarily focus on presenting a strong criminal defense that protects their individual rights while seeking to achieve an favorable result.

Source: CBS News, “Brothers charged in Illinois serial rapes“, , Oct. 2, 2014

Criminal defense to follow discovery of body

September 26, 2014

Illinois readers may be familiar with the recent arrest of a man in connection with the discovery of skeletal remains. The case has received widespread media coverage in recent days, as many in the community are in search of answers to a woman’s disappearance and death. A man has now been charged in connection to her death, and many are waiting to see how his criminal defense will be structured.

The remains, now in skeletal form, were discovered in a detached shed. Those remains were found in July of this year. Police only recently charged a man with concealment of a homicide, and additional charges are possible as the investigation continues. Police have stated that they are pursuing no other suspects in the woman’s death.

The man remains jailed in Sangamon County on a $250,000 bond. He recently made his first court appearance, but his response to the charges against him are unknown as of the time of this report. It is unclear whether he has secured legal counsel.

As he prepares his criminal defense strategy, the legal team tasked with defending this man will conduct a thorough review of all evidence held by the prosecution. The next steps will largely depend on the validity and scope of such evidence. As the case moves forward, the man charged in connection to this terrible homicide will have to fight for his freedom, which can be an uphill battle in high-profile murder cases where Illinois law enforcement and the community are clamoring for justice.

Source: wics.com, “Charges Filed In Connection With Remains Found In Rochester“, , Sept. 19, 2014

Illinois violent crimes charges — mother accused of murder

September 10, 2014

Tragically, an 11-year-old girl was discovered dead in her Waukegan home. The mother is now faced with violent crimes charges after Illinois authorities accused her of murder. While this case is understandably disturbing, just because someone has been charged with a crime does not mean they are guilty of criminal conduct.

A neighbor apparently grew suspicious after she noticed that the girl did not come outside and was not going to school. She is said to have contacted authorities to conduct a well-being check and afterward, police tape surrounded the home. Reportedly, when the girl was discovered, she only weighed 50 pounds. An autopsy was performed, and a finding was made that she suffered a blow to her stomach and also her spine.

The authorities say that she also had bruising and old scars throughout her body. According to reports, the mother admitted that she struck the girl to the point that she became unconscious. The mother was charged with first-degree murder and is being held on a $5 million bond. There were two other children in the home, and reports indicate that they were not harmed.

Being arrested is violent crimes is intimidating, especially when the charge is murder. While a formal charge has been made against the defendant, Illinois prosecutors will need to meet a stringent burden of proof that the mother intentionally killed her own daughter. She remains innocent before the court, though the sentencing consequences that a guilty verdict would surely bring require that every effort be made to protect the woman’s legal rights as the case moves forward through the criminal justice system.

Source: abc13.com, “Illinois mother arrested in death of daughter, 11“, , Sept. 7, 2014

3-year-old injured and father charged with weapons crimes

August 27, 2014

A 3-year-old boy was recently shot in the head. Following the event, the boy’s father was arrested for weapons crimes in relation to the incident. Illinois authorities charged the man with leaving a firearm within reach of a child and unlawful possession of a weapon.

The incident took place at the father’s residence. According to reports, family members were gathered at the home on the porch. The young boy and his two siblings eventually went inside, and that is when the unthinkable happened. The family members heard the gunshot and, once inside, they discovered the boy bleeding on the floor with the gun next to him.

The father of the boy was arrested and charged with felony unlawful use of a weapon by a felon. Prosecutors indicate that the father placed a loaded firearm within the reach of children. He is being held at a county jail on a $500,000 bond. At last report, the boy was in stable condition.

Understandably, there are laws that pertain to firearms and how owners should conduct themselves, especially around children. In this case, the father of the boy was accused of leaving a loaded gun within reach of a young child. In addition, he was a felon in possession of a firearm, which is illegal in most areas. Illinois prosecutors have to prove that the defendant is guilty in order to obtain a conviction, and a conviction is not always easy to come by. Furthermore, the defendant has the right to testify on his own behalf in front of an impartial jury while fighting to accomplish the best possible outcome for his weapons crimes charges.

Source: bnd.com, “Father charged after 3-year-old shot in Chicago“, , Aug. 25, 2014

Former basketball coach arrested for sexual assault

August 12, 2014

A former member of the school board has recently been arrested. Illinois authorities charged a man with sexual assault after he was accused of sexually abusing a child. Reportedly, the alleged sexual crimes date back to 1997.

The former school board member was affiliated with and coached a basketball team. Late last summer, the suspect left his position with the school board to pursue a career as a basketball coach for the junior varsity. However, in April of this year, he resigned from the coaching position, as well. An investigation into the matter was launched in recent months. Reportedly, the alleged victim was under the age of 13.

On a recent Friday, the suspect was charged with three counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. He has posted bond, which was set at $250,000. Reportedly, the suspect is no longer employed with the school district.

Defendants who are charged with sexual assault have formidable battles to confront. Understandably, Illinois prosecutors take allegations of sexual abuse on a child seriously and will pursue these matters to the fullest extent. Furthermore, this type of conviction could make it difficult for defendants to obtain employment at facilities that render care to children, and they may be required to register as sex offenders. However, just because the defendant was charged does not mean that he is guilty of inappropriate sexual conduct or of any other criminal behavior. Prosecutors will need to prove that the defendant committed the sexual abuse in order to secure a conviction from a jury and, until then, the defendant is presumed innocent.

Source: ksdk.com, “Former school board member accused of sex abuse“, Brandie Piper and Elizabeth Matthews, Aug 4, 2014

Man faces up to 30 years for alleged sex crimes

August 1, 2014

An initiative to battle sexual abuse on a child is being led by the United States Attorney’s offices. Although any type of sexual conduct with a minor is by no means appropriate behavior, it is important for Illinois readers to remember that defendants are not automatically convicted unless proven guilty. A 36-year-old man is now charged with sex crimes after he was accused of intentions to have sex with an underage girl.

According to reports, the man traveled from his area to engage in sexual conduct with a teenager under the age of 18. After reportedly leaving town with the teenager, who is only 14-years-old, authorities were on the hunt for him. Authorities believe that the girl is a runaway. Eventually, the pair was located by authorities in Madison County and the defendant was charged.

He was arrested and charged with intent to engage in illegal sexual conduct and this alleged incident was part of an initiative called Project Safe Childhood. The purpose of Project Safe Childhood is to arrest and seek convictions for those who sexually abuse children. Authorities on the federal and state levels also locate and rescue victims.

The defendant could spend up to 30 years in prison if convicted of his sex crimes charges. Even after being released, he may be subjected to supervision that could last for the rest of his life. Illinois prosecutors will need to meet a strict burden of proof that the defendant intended to engage in sexual relations with a minor in order to obtain a conviction. With a strong defense, he could have a greater chance of having a favorable legal outcome.

Source: portsmouth-dailytimes.com, “New Boston man indicted on sex charge“, Frank Lewis, July 28, 2014

Man faces DUI charge for fatal accident

July 15, 2014

A man was recently arrested for DUI after he was reportedly involved in an accident that killed his wife. It is not known if a blood alcohol test was administered, but the Illinois man now faces a DUI charge, along with other traffic related charges. He was held at a county jail on a $40,000 bail.

The accident happened earlier this year, back in January. According to reports, the man was traveling with his wife when tragedy struck. The man and his wife were involved in a crash that took her life, but it was not clear if he sustained any injuries. No other information regarding the crash or how it happened was given in the recent report.

Authorities believe that the man was driving under the influence at the time of the incident. Recently, authorities charged him with several allegations, including reckless homicide. He was also charged with aggravated driving while intoxicated resulting in a fatality in an accident. He was released after posting the $40,000 bail. No other details regarding his charges have been released.

Most readers are aware that driving under the influence is a dangerous occurrence for the driver and others that share the roadway. It is also equally important that Illinois readers are aware that just because someone is formally charged with a crime does not mean they are automatically guilty of criminal behavior. In this DUI case, prosecutors will need to prove that the man was driving under the influence and his behavior caused the crash and his wife’s death. Unless a conviction happens in a criminal courtroom, the defendant is presumed innocent until proved guilty.

Source: stltoday.com, “Metro East man is charged in DUI crash that killed his wife“, , July 11, 2014

Man charged with violent crimes after shooting

July 3, 2014

A 23-year-old man is facing serious charges after an incident that authorities claim occurred on a recent evening. Reportedly, the suspect’s relatives became involved in a fight with other individuals. The Illinois man allegedly shot one person and is now facing a number of violent crimes charges.

Authorities met with the alleged victim, who informed them that he ended up entangled in the fight after his sister was involved in a physical altercation with someone else. The suspect along with other family members reportedly started to participate in the fight and eventually, shots were fired. After the individuals heard the shots, they started to scramble away. At some point, the alleged victim noticed that he had been shot in his hand and wrist.

Afterward, he went to the hospital for treatment of his gunshot wounds. The suspect was arrested and charged with carelessness resulting in serious bodily injury and battery with a deadly weapon resulting in bodily injury. It is not known if the suspect was granted bond in this matter.

Defendants who are charged with violent crimes typically face an uphill battle in a criminal courtroom. State prosecutors seek to convict those who they believe may pose a threat to the community. The defendant in this case faces an enormous amount of consequences if convicted by a judge or jury, including a strong possibility of a long jail sentence and restitution payable to the alleged victim. Illinois defendants can increase the chances of having favorable outcomes by keeping abreast of criminal procedures and their legal rights.

Source: nwitimes.com, “Illinois man charged in shooting on Guthrie Steet in E.C.“, Sarah Reese, June 25, 2014

Illinois teen charged with violent crimes in alleged drug deal

June 19, 2014

A 19-year-old man was recently arrested in connection with a drug deal that apparently turned violent. An 18-year-old victim was discovered shot to death in his vehicle in the recent months. The Illinois teen suspect was charged with violent crimes, including murder and robbery.

According to reports, the night before the killing, someone had called the victim numerous times. When authorities looked into the matter further, it was discovered that the number belonged to the suspect. A witness reportedly informed officers that the suspect was contacting the victim to purchase marijuana. The witness allegedly gave the suspect $20 for the drug and when the suspect returned, he had a firearm and $30 worth of marijuana in his possession.

Authorities went to the suspect’s home and discovered a firearm and marijuana. The officers were able to link a casing to the bullet from the victim and from the SUV. Reportedly, the victim was shot in the head. The suspect was charged with homicide and murder during a robbery.

As the suspect gets prepared for his trial, he could benefit from expanding his rights as a defendant and his knowledge of Illinois criminal procedures. In spite of witness statements, the suspect has the right to give his own testimony and confront his accusers in a criminal courtroom. Furthermore, just because someone has been formally charged with a crime does not mean they will automatically be found guilty by a jury. While those who are charged with violent crimes such as murder typically have a contentious battle ahead of them, they have the right to fight for achieving the best possible outcome in their case.

Source: Post-Tribune, “Illinois man charged in February shooting death“, , June 11, 2014

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