Man charged with violent crimes for stabbing female coworker

January 15, 2015

A man is facing a serious violent charge. He was charged with violent crimes after he was accused of attacking a woman in a parking lot. Illinois authorities say that the woman was stabbed over 20 times. Reports suggest that the man was annoyed with his coworker and decided the go through with a plan to kill her.

The man and the woman were coworkers at a telemarketing company, and the man was apparently employed there for three months. According to reports, the man invited the woman go see a movie with him after finishing work. She is said to have agreed to his invitation and went along with the movie plans. When the two arrived in the parking lot of the movie theater, the man allegedly reached for his knife.

Allegedly, he suddenly began to stab the woman, 22 times in all. The authorities indicate that she was able to flee from the man and contacted them. Officers located the man, and they say he informed them that he committed the act because she irritates him at work. He was placed under arrest and was being held at a county jail with no bond.

Understandably, individuals who are charged with violent crimes are subjected to heavy consequences if convicted.  Prosecutors will surely make every reasonable effort to convict those individuals who appear to pose threats to the community. Nevertheless, there is a substantial difference between an accusation of criminal conduct and a conviction secured in court. Illinois defendants typically benefit from the assistance of experienced defense counsel to guide through the criminal process and fight to uphold the legal rights guaranteed to them.

Source:, “Daniel Dion, 18, charged with stabbing coworker 22 times in Illinois theater parking lot“, Jan. 9, 2015

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