Teacher charged with sex crimes involving student

November 21, 2014

Parents expect that when they send their children to school that they are in the best care possible. Understandably, no Illinois parent wants to learn that their child has possibly been sexually assaulted. When the state discovers these types of allegations, they are quick to prosecute alleged offenders, including those who may have known that the incidents were occurring. Multiple middle school teachers are now charged with not reporting their suspicions of sex crimes between another teacher and a student.

Reports indicate that a 38-year-old male teacher and a 34-year-old female teacher were recently arrested for withholding certain information. They were accused of not revealing the possibility that another teacher was sexually assaulting a student. They were arrested and charged with failure to report molestation. Both of the teachers posted $5,000 bonds and were released from a county jail.

A third teacher has not been found, but there is a warrant for that person’s arrest. The teacher who allegedly committed this act is battling extradition back to the country and is currently in custody in Bosnia. No other information regarding this case has been reported.

Those who are charged with sex crimes can face harsh consequences if convicted. The teachers who didn’t report could possibly face jail time for not reporting their suspicions. The teacher who allegedly committed the act could face even more severe penalties, including prison time and being required to register as a sex offender. The teacher charged with molestation is likely preparing to enter the courtroom and could benefit from gaining knowledge about his legal rights. In any criminal case, Illinois prosecutors must meet a heavy measure of proof to secure a conviction.

Source: qconline.com, “Lake County teachers charged in sex abuse case“, Nov. 14, 2014

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