Joliet Charges Demand an Effective, Aggressive Criminal Lawyer

Douglas G. DeBoer

Criminal defense attorney

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If you are arrested or charged in Joliet or elsewhere in the Greater Chicago Area, dealing with law enforcement officials on your own can be tough.

Often, they will stretch the boundaries of the law as far as they can in order to secure a conviction against you.

That may mean threatening you and telling you horror stories about how long you will be in jail and what could happen to you.

Or it could involve pretending to be your friend and promising you the best possible deal if you just cooperate. Or possibly even ignoring your rights and proper procedures altogether.

Without a knowledgeable defense attorney by your side, it is a lot easier for them to get away with these kinds of tactics.

Because most people simply do not understand the nuances of the law well enough to ensure their rights are protected and avoid doing anything that could further jeopardize their case.

That is why you absolutely need an experienced criminal lawyer like Douglas G. DeBoer by your side as early on in the process as possible.

Mr. DeBoer has successfully helped people just like you in Joliet to protect their rights and fight for the best possible outcome for years.

He has what it takes to increase your chances of getting your charges reduced, dropped, or dismissed.

The Best Chicago Defense Attorney Is One Who Understands How the Other Side Thinks

Why is Mr. DeBoer so good at his job? A big part of it is his background.

He was not always a criminal defense lawyer. In fact, before he started defending people in and around Joliet, he served as a prosecutor in Joliet, rising to the position of First Assistant State’s Attorney. I ran the largest law office in Will County and prosecuted high profile felony criminal cases. He handled a high volume of trials and plea negotiations in all types of criminal cases, from DUIs and drug charges to homicide and sex offenses. His experience works to his clients’ advantage every time he walks into the courtroom.

While with the State’s Attorney’s Office, he supervised dozens of felony prosecutors who were themselves handling thousands of cases each year. Additionally, he personally served as lead counsel on a number of big murder cases.

In other words, his job was to build strong arguments designed to get people convicted for their crimes. He understands the minds of prosecutors because he was one. He knows how police think because he has worked side by side with them.

It is his experience that has proven invaluable in his career as a defense attorney. He can anticipate the evidence and arguments that the other side is likely to use against his clients and plan accordingly. He knows exactly what prosecutors must prove in order to secure a conviction and how best to poke holes in their arguments.

A Joliet Criminal Lawyer Who Believes in Fairness and Compassion

Mr. DeBoer left the State’s Attorney’s Office because he wanted to use his skills and knowledge to help ensure that more people received the strongest possible defense. He passionately believes in the right of every citizen to a fair trial, and he strives to treat every single client with respect and compassion.

Going through a criminal trial can be a draining, impersonal process where others start to see only the charges that have been levied against you. Not Douglas G. DeBoer. He knows that you are not just a case. Or a list of evidence. Or alleged criminal acts. You are a human being. You deserve someone who is willing to listen to you, talk with you, and help you to craft a defense that is unique to your individual situation and goals. Sometimes, what a “win” looks like for one client differs from what it means for another.

Mr. DeBoer will walk you through your options and likely outcomes, but ultimately it is you who needs to decide how to proceed.

The Results You’re Looking for When Up Against Criminal Charges in Joliet

Ultimately, what matters most when choosing a defense attorney is pretty simple: do they get results?

If the testimonials of former clients are any indication, Douglas G. DeBoer passes this test easily. No matter what the situation or how dire their chances when they come to him, over and over clients gush over his unwillingness to ever back down or give up until all legal avenues have been exhausted – even if that means taking a case to trial and arguing to avoid conviction.

Another way that Mr. DeBoer has gotten results? By receiving recognition from professionals in both media and the legal realm. He is so well-respected that he has been featured on Fox Chicago News, and in the Chicago Sun-Times

Turn to Douglas G. DeBoer to Battle These Joliet Criminal Offenses

Just because someone passed the bar and is calling themselves a criminal lawyer does not mean that they will be able to help you with the specific charges you are facing. Before you choose an attorney, make sure they have dealt with your particular offense.

Before founding his own practice, he served as a prosecutor for 13 years in the largest law office in Will County, gaining extensive trial experience and honing critical legal skills in cases as simple as traffic violations to those as serious as death-penalty murder. He has practiced criminal law in the Joliet area for my entire career. As a result, he is very familiar with the local courts, prosecutors and legal community.

His experience as a former prosecutor works to my clients’ advantage. He understands how the prosecutor, judge, and jury will view your case. He knows how to develop effective strategies for building a strong defense.

He handles all types of criminal charges, from DUI and DWI defense to homicide and sex crimes. He is an experienced trial attorney as well as a skilled negotiator. Whether your case can be resolved through trial, plea bargaining, pretrial dismissal, or other means, He will explore every possible avenue to help you obtain a positive outcome.

Mr. DeBoer knows how to handle cases involving:

Call us if you do not see your charge in the above list. It does not necessarily mean that Mr. DeBoer will be unable to help, but the only way to know for sure is to go over the details of your situation with us.

Every Joliet Citizen Has Rights – Get in Touch with Douglas G. DeBoer Now to Fight for Yours

When Mr. DeBoer says that he really cares about the people in Joliet, it is far more than lip service. Douglas DeBoer has a long history in the area. He went to Joliet Catholic High School and Joliet Junior College. After getting his undergraduate and law degree at Northern Illinois University, he decided to return here to practice law because he wanted to help make sure that everyone in Joliet receives a fair shake.

His long history here also means that he knows how things work in Joliet. The prosecutors. The police. The judges.

This is knowledge that can go a long way towards helping you, but only if you get in touch. Reach out to our office today, and you can schedule a free initial consultation with Mr. DeBoer as soon as possible.

All it takes is to complete our case review form, email, or call 815-592-9145.



State Status Acquired Updated
IL Active And Authorized To Practice Law 1987 10/27/2019


School Name Degree Graduated
llinois Institute of Technology Chicago-Kent College of Law JD – Juris Doctor 1987
North Central College BA – Bachelor of Arts 1984

Work Experience

Title Company Name Duration
Principal Law Office of Douglas G. DeBoer 2001 – Present
First Assistant State’s Attorney Will County State’s Attorney’s Office 1994 – 2000
Assistant State Attorney Will County State’s Attorney’s Office 1987 – 1994


Association Name Position Duration
Illinois State Bar Association Member 1987 – Present