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Solicitation of a minor for sexual conduct is a felony offense in Illinois. The prosecution does not have to prove any sexual contact in order to obtain a conviction. It only has to prove that the solicitation occurred. As a type of sex crime, solicitation charges carry weighty penalties. You could face years in prison. Additionally, you could be required to register as a sex offender.

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Given the seriousness of solicitation charges, it is important to seek experienced legal guidance as soon as you can. Contact me, Douglas G. DeBoer, a criminal defense lawyer in Joliet, Illinois. My practice is devoted exclusively to criminal defense. As a former prosecutor with 30 years of experience, I possess a keen ability to view cases from all angles. I understand what the judge, prosecutor and jury will look for, and I draw on an in-depth knowledge of the law to develop compelling and persuasive arguments. My proven experience in the courtroom is a significant advantage for my clients.

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Defending Against Solicitation Charges

Many different types of conduct can form the basis for solicitation charges. Solicitation can take many forms such as:

Sending inappropriate pictures, text messages or emails

Using a chat room to initiate sexual contact

Attempting to entice a child to get into a vehicle with you (child abduction)

Using a position of authority to solicit a minor

Predatory pursuit of a minor with the intent to commit sexual assault

In many cases, intent and knowledge are critical issues. The prosecution has the burden of proving these elements. I draw on my firsthand knowledge of how the prosecution builds these cases to formulate effective strategies for targeting weaknesses in the state’s case and preparing a compelling defense.

As a solo attorney, I am dedicated to providing individualized attention to every case. You can expect to work directly with me throughout your case. You can also feel free to reach out to me anytime; I promptly return phone calls within 24 hours.

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