Joliet Juvenile Assault Charge Defense Lawyer

When parents worry about the effects criminal charges will have on their children’s future, they turn to me, criminal defense attorney Douglas G. DeBoer, because I know that children deserve a second chance for their mistakes, and I will fight to make sure they get one.

At my law firm in Joliet, Illinois, I can walk you through the juvenile justice process and explain the possible outcomes and what your options are to protect your child’s future ability to get into the military, secure government employment and/or get into college.

Douglas G. DeBoer Is A School Assault Lawyer Serving Will County, IL

Something we all likely remember from our days in school is seeing children getting into fights in the hallways and on the playgrounds. Sometimes, however, the situation can escalate, and there can be severe — including criminal — ramifications if there are serious injuries.

As an experienced juvenile defense lawyer and someone who spent 13 years as a prosecutor in Will County, I know what is at stake for your child if he or she is facing assault charges. I will use my experience and knowledge of the juvenile justice system to craft a defense strategy that fits your unique situation and aims to get the best results possible for your child and protects his or her future.

When A Fight Between Two Teens Involves The Police, The Consequences Can Be Serious

Contact the Law Office of Douglas G. DeBoer to schedule a free consultation with a juvenile assault charge defense attorney in Joliet. I will take the time to answer all of your questions about your child’s case, and you will always work directly with me. Evening and weekend meetings are available by appointment.