Joliet Felonies and Misdemeanors Attorney

Felonies carry severe sentences. When your freedom is at risk, strong and knowledgeable defense effort is needed.

Defending Your Rights and Freedom

For 30 years, I have handled serious felony and misdemeanor cases — first as a prosecutor and now as a defense attorney. I understand the serious nature of these cases, and what my clients face.

I represent people accused of felonies such as:

Theft and burglary

Assault and battery


Vehicular homicide

Drug charges

Sexual assault

Weapons charges and aggravated crimes

Second offense DUI

And other felonies

My experience is such that I am one of a select group of defense lawyers certified by the Illinois Supreme Court to defend people in capital murder cases.

Defense of Misdemeanor Charges

Conviction on some misdemeanor charges is in many ways just as serious as for felonies. The penalties can be harsh and the effects can be long lasting. I put the same energy and determination into the defense of misdemeanors as I do felony charges.

Misdemeanor cases I handle include:


Possession of marijuana


Domestic battery


And other misdemeanor charges

What I Can Do for You: Murder and Weapons Charges Lawyer

In your case, I will use the law and my experience to build a strategy designed to protect your rights and preserve your freedom.

I am known for my abilities to evaluate prosecutors’ cases and the strength of their evidence. Whenever possible and appropriate, I will make aggressive use of motions to suppress evidence and motions to dismiss.

When it begins, the ultimate outcome of a criminal case can never be determined with certainty. What I can do is provide you with an honest and straight-forward assessment of your case and the legal strategies available to you.

Once you decide to seek vindication at trial or a negotiated plea, the Law Office of Douglas G. DeBoer will work tirelessly to achieve that for you.

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