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One of the problems with disorderly conduct law in Illinois is that it can be used to constitute almost any “offense” where someone allegedly disturbed the peace of another person. If someone is causing a disturbance but police and prosecutors do not have anything else to charge a person with, a disorderly conduct charge could be made.

And while most disorderly conduct charges are misdemeanors, some are felonies, and a conviction could carry the possibility of jail time, making it important to obtain experienced legal representation. I am Douglas G. DeBoer, an experienced disorderly conduct defense attorney in Joliet, Illinois. I have been through countless trials and negotiations, and if you are facing disorderly conduct charges, I will work hard to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

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According to Illinois law, disorderly conduct could constitute any of the following:

Screaming and swearing in public

Knocking items off the shelves at a store

Stumbling around drunk

Offenses like these are usually treated as class C misdemeanors, with up to a month in jail possible. More serious offenses, like peeking through someone’s windows, could lead to up to a year in jail.

More serious still, calling in false bomb threats, fire alarms, or calling 911 for no reason could lead to felony charges. Fortunately, prosecutors still have to prove that you acted knowingly in causing harm. As your attorney, I will get to the bottom of the allegations and craft a defense strategy that addresses your unique situation.

Do Not Fight A Disorderly Conduct Charge Alone.

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