Joliet Juvenile Crime Defense Lawyer

It is every parent’s nightmare for his or her child to run into trouble with the law. Many children make mistakes, and when they do, they deserve a second chance. Children should not have to suffer lifelong consequences from decisions they made while still young and immature.

The juvenile justice system is meant to impose less severe penalties than the criminal justice system. However, juvenile crimes can still have a lasting and detrimental impact on your child’s future. It can affect his or her educational opportunities, employment prospects and other opportunities down the road.

Dedicated To Protecting Your Child’s Future

When your child is in trouble with the law, you need a strong and experienced advocate to go to bat for him or her. You can turn to me, Douglas G. DeBoer, a juvenile crime defense attorney in Joliet, Illinois. My practice is dedicated exclusively to protecting clients’ rights, liberties and future.

A Former Prosecutor With Proven Courtroom Experience

As a former prosecutor with 30 years of experience in criminal law, I know firsthand how to effectively tackle criminal charges, including juvenile crimes. I have handled numerous trials, including those involving the most serious offenses under law, over the course of my career. I understand how the judge, prosecutor and — most importantly — the jury will view your case. I use this knowledge to craft effective strategies for my clients’ advantage.

Moreover, as a lifelong resident of the Joliet area, I am very familiar with the intricacies of the local juvenile justice system. You can rely on me to work diligently in fighting for your child’s future.

Handling All Types Of Juvenile Crimes

I offer skilled representation for juveniles facing all types of charges, including:




Domestic assault

Drug charges

Sex crimes



Underage drinking

Vandalism (criminal damage to property)

Weapons offenses

Facing Vandalism Charges Or Other Types Of Juvenile Crimes in Will County?

Call the Law Office of Douglas G. DeBoer to arrange a free consultation with a juvenile defense lawyer. Evening and weekend meetings are available by appointment. Our office is conveniently located in downtown Joliet, Illinois, just across the street from the Joliet courthouse and jail.

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