Joliet CDL Traffic Violation Defense Lawyer

When you are a truck driver in Illinois, the same rules do not apply for seemingly minor traffic offenses. Any moving violation could seriously affect your ability to keep your commercial driver’s license. The loss of driving privileges means there is a good possibility you could lose your job, which is why working with an attorney to resolve the matter quickly is of the utmost importance.

Will County, IL, Commercial Drivers License Attorney

I am Douglas G. DeBoer, a CDL traffic violation defense attorney in Joliet, Illinois. With 30 years of legal experience under my belt, I know how the court system works for traffic violations, and I will work hard to get positive results for you and help you stay on the road.

A DUI Conviction In Will County, IL, Could Cost You Your CDL. Get The Right Advice.

Fighting traffic offenses is much the same as fighting more serious criminal charges. I will investigate the evidence and law enforcement’s account of the stop to determine whether it was legal.

In Illinois, a DUI conviction will cost you your CDL for a year. Without the ability to drive a truck, you may not be able to provide for yourself and your family. As a former prosecutor and a long-time criminal defense lawyer, I know how to fight DUI charges.

I am familiar with the procedures for breath, blood and field sobriety tests. With your livelihood on the line, I will fight hard to protect your rights.

Contact a CDL Violations Lawyer When Your CDL Is At Risk

Call TODAY to take advantage of a free consultation at the Law Office of Douglas G. DeBoer in Joliet – Will County Illinois. I have a track record of successfully resolving CDL and other traffic violations for an affordable, flat fee.