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In Illinois, prosecutors take credit card theft and check fraud very seriously. Both are forms of theft, and they are generally felonies. If convicted, you could be sentenced to years in prison.

If you are facing charges for credit card theft, check fraud or other types of forgery, you need a strong defense. You can rely on me, Douglas G. DeBoer, a credit card fraud defense attorney in Joliet. My practice is dedicated to protecting clients’ rights and freedoms.

A Former Prosecutor Dedicated To Defense

I practice 100 percent in criminal law and have done so for 30 years, first as a prosecutor and now as a defense lawyer. My well-rounded background has provided me with the trial and negotiation skills necessary to stand up for clients’ rights.

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I understand the steps law enforcement and prosecutors take to put together a case. As a result, I also understand how to effectively challenge their case, from pretrial hearings to cross-examination to closing arguments. My insights into how the judge, prosecutor and jury view your case will serve as a powerful advantage.

Personalized Legal Guidance: Will County, IL, Check Fraud Theft Attorney

When you turn to me for legal guidance, you can expect a realistic and straightforward assessment of your options. I do not give clients false hopes or inflated expectations. Rather, I believe you deserve to know exactly what you are facing so you will not encounter any surprises along the way.

Clients appreciate knowing what will happen in their case far in advance, from the big picture of potential outcomes down to the details of how a particular court hearing will proceed. You can expect that degree of openness from me throughout your case.

What Is Fraud?

Credit card theft and fraud charges can arise from numerous scenarios. Common examples include:

Using another person’s credit card without his or her permission

Using another’s credit card number for online purchases

Making false statements on credit applications

Using counterfeit checks or credit cards

Writing bad checks, either from your own account or from others’

Forging a signature, dollar amount, endorsement or other field on a check

In today’s technological age, credit card and check fraud increasingly involve online activities. In fact, the Illinois State Police now houses an Internet Crimes Unit devoted to investigating Internet-based crimes, including online theft offenses. Given the severity of these offenses and the priority the state now accords them, it is crucial to have capable legal representation.

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