Parents of teens should have criminal defense contingency plan

March 12, 2015

Illinois parents know that, when kids are in their teenage years, they may be prone to various types of trouble, ranging from pranks to criminal acts. Because it is always useful to have a contingency plan for emergency situations, it has been suggested that parents always have contact information for a criminal defense lawyer in case it is needed. This can be useful in case a teen is arrested or is accused of online crimes.

An 18-year-old woman has recently been arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter for things that she said to a friend through text messaging, allegedly leading to his suicide. This legal situation underlines how quickly a teen’s life can change, even because of things that were said through texts or online. By being prepared, parents can quickly step in and aid their children when they are facing legal trouble.

Even kids who are not prone to trouble or who make good grades in school may find themselves in an unfortunate situation. With a strong criminal defense, a teenager has an increased chance of successfully confronting any charges he or she may face, even as a juvenile. Every defendant, despite his or her age, has the right to a criminal defense when charged with a crime.

Even a seemingly victimless crime, such as vandalism, can affect a teenager for the rest of his or her life. It is important for Illinois parents to support their children in every area of life, and that may include having a criminal defense lawyer ready to help. An experienced attorney will be familiar with the rights of teenage defendants and can help determine the optimal course of action.

Source: CNN, “Why parents of teens should have a criminal defense lawyer on speed dial“, Kelly Wallace, March 12, 2015

Illinois college student charged with sex crimes

February 25, 2015

A college student at University of Illinois at Chicago was accused of sexually assaulting another student. The student says that he was acting out a scene that was in the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Illinois authorities have charged the student with sex crimes, regardless of his explanation.

The incident occurred in the student’s dorm room on a recent Saturday afternoon and involved a female friend with whom he had previously been intimate. Police say that the student asked the woman to take off her clothes, and he then bound her hands to a bed. He also bound her legs with a belt and placed a necktie in her mouth. Once he covered her eyes, he allegedly hit the woman with a belt. Even though the woman was crying for him to stop, he allegedly proceeded to strike her with his fists.

When she was able to get her arms free, he held onto them and allegedly raped her. The woman was eventually able to leave, which is when she informed someone of the incident. The student was charged, and he is being held on a $500,000 bail.

While sex crimes of this nature are viewed by the public as heinous, it is important to remember that, just because someone is charged, it does not mean that he or she is guilty. Defendants have the right to challenge any pieces of evidence prosecutors wish to use against them, and they also have the right to confront their accusers. Furthermore, Illinois prosecutors will need to prove that incidents occurred and convince juries of the validity of alleged victims’ claim before guilty verdicts can be rendered.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Sex assault charges tied to ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie“, Steve Schmadeke, Feb. 24, 2015

2 residents facing drug charges and millions in fines

February 12, 2015

Drug charges typically have regrettable consequences for accused individuals, especially if convictions happen. Recently, two Illinois residents were arrested after federal indictments were returned against each of them for drug charges. They face years behind bars and million in fines if government prosecutors are able to secure convictions.

According to reports, authorities charged a 45-year-old man with conspiracy to sell crack and cocaine last year.  At this time, the man is being held at a jail facility with no bond, and the trial is scheduled to begin in March. A 24-year-old woman is also facing a number of federal criminal charges. Authorities charged her with possession of pseudoephedrine to make methamphetamine. She was also charged with conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine.

The woman is also being held in a jail facility with no bond. The man could face anywhere between a five-year to a 40-year prison sentence if he is convicted. Even after being released, he would spend four years under supervision. He could also face a fine of $2 million. The woman could spend the next 20 years behind bars if convicted and three years of supervision once released.

Federal prosecutors in Illinois pursue drug charges to the fullest extent of the law. Nevertheless, just because the individuals were formally charged does not mean they will be found guilty. Prosecutors will need to prove in court each and every element of the crimes charged in the indictments Furthermore, the individuals have the right to contest the allegations against them and challenge evidence prosecutors intend to use on constitutional or other legal grounds.

Source:, “Illinois pair indicted on drug charges“, Kevin S. Held, Feb. 2, 2015

Man charged with rape on woman who suffers from seizures

January 29, 2015

Being accused of rape is a horrifying charge for most individuals. Illinois prosecutors tend to seek convictions on these types of charges to the fullest extent. A 27-year-old man was charged with rape after he was accused of sexually assaulting a 53-year-old woman.

Reportedly, the man was a roommate in the home of a woman who had several medical issues. Back in Sept. 2014, the woman was in an ambulance on her way to the hospital for a seizure. While on the ambulance, the man allegedly assaulted her sexually. The woman told police that this occurred while she was having an active seizure, but later on, she dropped the charge. In recent weeks, the woman contacted police and claimed that the man raped her again while she was sleeping.

He was arrested, but eventually, the woman again asked for the charge to be dropped. The woman contacted authorities one last time and requested that the sexual assault charge be reinstated. Authorities arrested him on a recent Friday night and formally charged him with rape. Apparently, he has a previous conviction in 2011 for sexual abuse.

In spite of the man’s prior conviction for sexual abuse, it does not automatically mean he is guilty of the recent rape charge. He has the right to defend against the allegations and confront his accuser in a criminal courtroom. He also has the right to challenge any piece of evidence Illinois prosecutors intend to use against him. If evidence appears to be stacked in favor of the state, plea negotiations may potentially reduce his legal risk. Nevertheless, the gravity of the accusations requires that the accused man and his legal counsel focus on protecting his legal rights while aiming for a favorable resolution that is in his personal interests.

Source:, “Rape suspect appears for hearing“, Josh Dooley, Jan. 26, 2015

Man charged with violent crimes for stabbing female coworker

January 15, 2015

A man is facing a serious violent charge. He was charged with violent crimes after he was accused of attacking a woman in a parking lot. Illinois authorities say that the woman was stabbed over 20 times. Reports suggest that the man was annoyed with his coworker and decided the go through with a plan to kill her.

The man and the woman were coworkers at a telemarketing company, and the man was apparently employed there for three months. According to reports, the man invited the woman go see a movie with him after finishing work. She is said to have agreed to his invitation and went along with the movie plans. When the two arrived in the parking lot of the movie theater, the man allegedly reached for his knife.

Allegedly, he suddenly began to stab the woman, 22 times in all. The authorities indicate that she was able to flee from the man and contacted them. Officers located the man, and they say he informed them that he committed the act because she irritates him at work. He was placed under arrest and was being held at a county jail with no bond.

Understandably, individuals who are charged with violent crimes are subjected to heavy consequences if convicted.  Prosecutors will surely make every reasonable effort to convict those individuals who appear to pose threats to the community. Nevertheless, there is a substantial difference between an accusation of criminal conduct and a conviction secured in court. Illinois defendants typically benefit from the assistance of experienced defense counsel to guide through the criminal process and fight to uphold the legal rights guaranteed to them.

Source:, “Daniel Dion, 18, charged with stabbing coworker 22 times in Illinois theater parking lot“, Jan. 9, 2015

Illinois man arrested for multiple drug charges

December 31, 2014

When residents in a community hear drug-related stories, they are usually under the assumption that the drugs involved are common street drugs. However, that is not always the case. One 28-year-old Illinois man was recently arrested on drug charges for not only possessing street drugs but also for possessing peyote.

A search of the man’s home, presumably the culmination of an investigation, was carried out in August. During the search, police allegedly discovered a weapon and a large amount of heroin. They also reported finding drug paraphernalia, along with a drug called peyote. According to reports, peyote comes from a plant known to contain hallucinogens. Peyote is most well-known for its use in Native American rituals.

Authorities arrested the man on charges of possession and manufacturing of drugs. At last report, he is still in jail on a $100,000 bond. The man could end up spending years of his life in prison if he is convicted. It is not known if the man has an attorney, and no other information about this matter was reported.

Drug charges have seriously negative effects on individuals’ lives when they result in convictions. In this cases like this one in which one is charged with more than just simple possession, the effects of a conviction are even more severe. Luckily for the defendant, the state’s prosecutor will need to prove his or her case to a jury for a conviction to occur, and that is not always an easy task. However, instead of just hoping for the prosecution to fail, some defendants find that gaining knowledge about their legal rights and understanding the criminal trial procedures in Illinois are beneficial measures.

Source:, “Illinois man charged with possessing peyote“, Dec. 24, 2014

8 face drug charges based on alleged ties to drug cartel

December 17, 2014

Drug charges come with serious consequences that are life-changing for those who are convicted in a court of law. However, simply being accused of criminal conduct does not mean that one will necessarily be convicted. After a recent Illinois drug bust, eight individuals now face drug charges and the fear of conviction.

According to reports, the leader of the group used a variety of resources to bring drugs, such as cocaine and heroin, into Illinois from out of the country. Once the drugs arrived, they were supposedly housed in multiple warehouses located in the Chicago suburbs. Allegedly, a drug cartel operating south of the border benefited from the drugs being imported. Authorities performed searches at one business and three residences.

Out of the eight people who were charged, seven face conspiracy charges related to the possession and distribution of heroin. All eight of them were charged with the distribution of heroin on behalf of a drug cartel. Three were placed under arrest in Oklahoma, and three other individuals were arrested near Chicago. The defendants could possibly be sentenced to life behind bars and a fine of $10 million each.

If convicted of drug charges, the individuals could lose their freedom for the rest of their lives. Illinois residents who are charged with drug crimes may be able to reduce their legal risk by gaining knowledge of criminal procedures and their legal rights. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help defendants develop solid defense strategies that can potentially increase the odds of obtaining favorable outcomes.

Source:, “8 people charged with Chicago heroin distribution“, Dec. 10, 2014

Man arrested for violent crimes, charged with murder

December 3, 2014

Being charged with violent crimes can be overwhelming for most people. One of the most overwhelming violent crimes to be charged with is murder since it has life-changing consequences. An 8-month-old baby died, and a 28-year-old Illinois man has been accused of her murder.

The man was the live-in boyfriend of the child’s mother, and initially, he was a person of interest. In the recent month, an arrest warrant was issued by the state attorney’s office in Cass County. At the time he was charged with murder, he was already in the county jail for a charge of child endangerment. Police say that an autopsy was performed on the baby, and it was determined that there were third degree burns and injuries linked with blunt force trauma.

In addition to being charged with murder, the man was also charged with aggravated battery to a child. He’s being held at the county jail on a $5 million bond. No other information about this case was reported.

It’s not known how the man will plea, but he may benefit by focusing on his rights throughout the criminal process in Illinois. Just because someone is formally charged with violent crimes does not mean they are guilty. That can only occur if prosecutors can actually obtain a conviction in court based upon relevant evidence that meets an intentionally stringent measure of proof. Defendants charged with murder or any other crime have the right to fight the charges before an impartial jury, and a formal plea of not guilty places the burden of proving the accusations in the hands of government prosecutors.

Source:, “Live-in boyfriend charged with murder of Illinois baby“, Katrina Lamansky, Nov. 19, 2014

Teacher charged with sex crimes involving student

November 21, 2014

Parents expect that when they send their children to school that they are in the best care possible. Understandably, no Illinois parent wants to learn that their child has possibly been sexually assaulted. When the state discovers these types of allegations, they are quick to prosecute alleged offenders, including those who may have known that the incidents were occurring. Multiple middle school teachers are now charged with not reporting their suspicions of sex crimes between another teacher and a student.

Reports indicate that a 38-year-old male teacher and a 34-year-old female teacher were recently arrested for withholding certain information. They were accused of not revealing the possibility that another teacher was sexually assaulting a student. They were arrested and charged with failure to report molestation. Both of the teachers posted $5,000 bonds and were released from a county jail.

A third teacher has not been found, but there is a warrant for that person’s arrest. The teacher who allegedly committed this act is battling extradition back to the country and is currently in custody in Bosnia. No other information regarding this case has been reported.

Those who are charged with sex crimes can face harsh consequences if convicted. The teachers who didn’t report could possibly face jail time for not reporting their suspicions. The teacher who allegedly committed the act could face even more severe penalties, including prison time and being required to register as a sex offender. The teacher charged with molestation is likely preparing to enter the courtroom and could benefit from gaining knowledge about his legal rights. In any criminal case, Illinois prosecutors must meet a heavy measure of proof to secure a conviction.

Source:, “Lake County teachers charged in sex abuse case“, Nov. 14, 2014

Illinois man arrested for multiple violent crimes outside mosque

November 5, 2014

A 41-year-old man was recently arrested after a shooting that took place outside of an Illinois mosque after a prayer service. The man allegedly shot another man in the back. The shooter was arrested and charged with multiple violent crimes.

The incident occurred on a Friday afternoon in late October after a prayer service ended. Reportedly, there was a confrontation between the victim and the alleged shooter. Police believe that the shooter sprayed a chemical in the victim’s face to disable him before shooting him in the back.  The victim suffered a graze wound and was treated at the scene.

Authorities were able to apprehend the shooter after he fled the scene and, upon a search of his vehicle, a magazine loader was discovered.  In addition to facing a charge for attempted murder, the man also faces charges for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and reckless discharge of a firearm. Authorities believe that this was not a random act and that the shooter, who was charged with domestic violence in 2011, knew the other man.

Violent crimes are felonies in Illinois and could result in a prison sentence for the man if he is convicted. In the state, as in all U.S. states, the man has the right to defend himself against the charges he faces. He has the right to a fair and just trial and has the right to testify on his own behalf. As part of his defense strategy, he may seek a plea deal or choose to take his case to court.

Source: CBS Chicago, “Man Charged In Shooting Outside Bridgeview Mosque“, Nov. 2, 2014

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