Joliet Identity Theft Defense Lawyer

As the Internet becomes more of a part of our daily lives, police and prosecutors are continuing to make digital crimes like identity theft a priority. If you are charged with identity theft, there is a lot riding on how you resolve your case.

I am attorney Douglas G. DeBoer, a criminal prosecutor-turned-criminal defense attorney. With more than two decades of practicing law under my belt, I have developed a deep knowledge of the criminal justice system. As my client, I will provide you with practical, personal legal advice that answers your questions about your case and gives you options about how to proceed to achieve the best outcome possible.

Fighting Charges Of Forgery And Identity Theft In Will County And Grundy County

Much like identity theft is pretending to be someone else on the Internet, either for the purpose of stealing assets or gaining someone’s private information, forgery is signing as someone else to defraud someone, whether it is to:

Steal Social Security numbers

Steal credit card information

Ruin someone’s reputation

Impersonate someone else on the Internet

Prosecutors take these charges seriously and can charge you with a felony, even if nothing was stolen.

I can have independent computer and/or handwriting experts examine the evidence and use their findings as leverage against prosecutors. I can then file motions to attempt to reduce or dismiss the charges. I will work as hard as I can to use my experience and skills as a trial attorney and a negotiator to get positive results for you.

Call A Lawyer When Charged With Forgery In Will County, IL

Contact my office, the Law Office of Douglas G. DeBoer to schedule a free consultation to discuss charges of forgery or identity theft. Located across the street from the courthouse and jail in Joliet, I am available for jail visits, as well as night and weekend appointment.