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A criminal conviction or arrest can continue to haunt you, long after you have moved on. It may stand in the way of your career advancement or bar you from certain types of jobs.

Fortunately, there are solutions for many people in this situation. Obtaining an expungement or sealing of the criminal record can prevent a potential employer from ever knowing about a past indiscretion. You can say honestly that you have never been convicted or arrested of a crime on a job application.

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At the Law Office of Douglas G DeBoer, I obtain expungements and sealing of records for people with convictions for certain types of crimes.

The Expungement and Sealing Process

Certain types of misdemeanors and felonies can be expunged or the records of such convictions sealed. There are two possible options:

Expungement — completely removes all records, including the police report, booking photographs, and other documents from police and prosecutor files. Expungement is available for certain criminal cases where the subject was not charged, acquitted, the charge was dismissed or when the subject successfully completed supervision.

Sealing of the Record — records of certain misdemeanor crimes and Class 4 felonies can be sealed at the judge’s discretion. This prevents release of this information to anyone outside the justice system.

Not All Records Can Be Expunged or Sealed

Illinois law regarding expungement and sealing is complex. Many misdemeanors and some felony criminal records can be expunged or sealed, but some cannot. Recent changes in the law have expanded the types of convictions that can be expunged or sealed. For example, a Class 4 drug conviction can be sealed, if you can show that you are drug-free.

Act Now to Protect Your Record

If you qualify, the expungement or sealing process usually takes about six months to complete, but every case is different and completion times can vary. If you are anticipating a job change and want to obtain an expungement or sealing, you should begin the process as quickly as possible.

As a criminal defense lawyer, I have extensive experience in expungement and sealing actions. In your case, I can take the necessary steps that can protect your record — and your reputation.

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