Joliet Internet Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer

Internet sex crimes are increasingly a focus of prosecution in Illinois. The Internet Crimes Unit of the Illinois State Police is devoted to investigating online sex offenses and other Internet crimes. The agency has immense resources and powerful tools at its disposal.

As with other sex crimes, a conviction for Internet-related sex crimes can turn your life upside down. Since most of these charges are felonies, you could be facing years or decades in prison. You may also have to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life.

Dedicated To Fighting For You

Fortunately, you have the right to challenge such charges. You do not need to tackle them on your own. Instead, turn to me, Douglas G. DeBoer, an Internet sex crimes defense attorney in Joliet. My practice is devoted 100 percent to criminal defense. I am passionate about standing up for clients who are facing the immense power of the government in all types of criminal charges. Above all, I am dedicated to fighting for clients’ rights and freedoms.

To get an experienced advocate and former prosecutor on your side, call me – I offer free consultations.

Personalized Legal Guidance From A Former Prosecutor

As a former prosecutor, I have extensive experience — more than 30 years — handling all types of sex crimes charges. My proven experience in the courtroom works to my clients’ advantage. I know how to analyze cases and trial strategies in light of how the judge, prosecutor and jury will view the case. Additionally, I understand how to present a persuasive and compelling defense.

I can help you challenge any type of Internet sex crimes charge, including:

Possession, creation or distribution of child pornography

Solicitation of a minor through the Web

Predatory sexual assault initiated over the Internet

When you turn to me for guidance, you can expect to work directly with me — not an associate or paralegal — throughout your case. I genuinely care about the outcome of my clients’ cases, and I devote the highest level of individualized attention to each legal matter.

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