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Many people mistakenly believe that shoplifting is a minor offense. In fact, retail theft is a serious offense. Whenever more than $150 in property is involved, the offense is a felony. You could be facing jail time. Additionally, a conviction on your record can have far-reaching impacts on your reputation, employment prospects and future opportunities.

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You do not need to tackle shoplifting charges on your own. Instead, contact Douglas G. DeBoer, a shoplifting defense attorney in Joliet. I provide a solid legal defense for clients facing retail theft charges and other property crimes. I understand the drastic effect a conviction can have on your life, and I will use every legal tool at my disposal to challenge the charges.

As a solo practitioner, I make it a priority to devote the highest level of individualized attention to every case. You can trust me to work hard on your behalf. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than obtaining fair resolutions for my clients, helping them overcome mistakes and move on with their lives.

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When it comes to criminal defense, experience matters. No amount of pure legal knowledge can match the firsthand insight that comes with handling criminal cases on a day-to-day basis over the course of decades.

I draw on 30 years of experience — including 13 years as a prosecutor — to help clients obtain positive outcomes. I have honed critical skills in the courtroom as well as in plea negotiation. My solid professional background serves as a powerful advantage for my clients. From the moment we walk into the courtroom, you can feel confident that your case is in professional hands.

Challenging Retail Theft Charges

Retail theft can take many forms. Under Illinois law, it encompasses multiple scenarios such as:

Removing items from a store without paying for them

Altering or switching price tags

Carrying a theft-detection shielding device

Concealing store property with the intent to steal it

Falsely returning items

These types of charges often turn on eyewitness evidence or surveillance videos. I understand how to analyze this evidence and identify holes in the state’s case.

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