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MDMA in the Form of Ecstasy or Molly Common Among Students

Created in 1912 as a blood clotting agent, MDMA has become common on college campuses. What a chemist in the 1950s touted for producing feelings of closeness and empathy can now bring drug charges for Ecstasy possession.

Police on Illinois college campuses have reported seeing more MDMA in two forms: Ecstasy and Molly. In the case of one bright young University of Illinois student, assault and possible drug charges may mean the end of a promising college track career. The freshman student allegedly attacked a resident assistant in the dorm bathrooms, and police were called.

The student acted strange and appeared to be on something. A Taser was used twice


Illinois Drug Possession Charges: Are They Really That Serious?

Short answer: yes. The consequences for drug possession in Illinois are wide-ranging, but the act is more severely sentenced here than in many other states, with most possession offenses charged at the felony level.

If convicted, you will likely face a lengthy prison and/or probation sentence and hefty criminal fines. For felony-level offenses, you will also bear the lifelong consequences associated with being a convicted felon. The criminal record that follows you will tarnish your applications for housing, employment, and loans and could even compromise child custody cases.

Because of this, if you are facing drug possession charges, it is imperative to take them seriously and be aware of what [...]