Credit Card Authorization Form:
If we have discussed your case and you have decided to hire me as your attorney, please download this form to make a payment to me using your Visa, Mastercard or Discover credit card. After you complete the form, you can fax or email the signed document to me as indicated on the form. You can also use this form Credit Card Authorization – Fillable to make a payment to me. If this form is opened in Microsoft Word, the fields can be opened and completed as a template. Once completed, the signed form can be returned to me by fax or email. Fax to 815-727-5458 or as an email attachment to me at

Credit-Card-Authorization-Form (1) in PDF

Will County Guilty Plea:
I can appear in court for you on minor traffic offense if I have your signed guilty plea to present to the judge. Download this guilty plea and sign it at the bottom. I’ll complete the remainder of the form. Return the signed form to me by fax at 815-727-5458 or as an email attachment to me at