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One of the most stressful parts of a DUI stop is being asked to submit to breath or blood test. You should be aware that you have the right to refuse these tests, but the penalties can be immediate and severe, and police and prosecutors will still try to prove your guilt. That is why you should always hire legal representation if you are facing DUI charges.

I am DUI defense attorney Douglas G. DeBoer, and I know how to combat this type of evidence being used against you. If you come to my office in Joliet, Illinois, for a free consultation, I will describe to you what the charges against you are and what we can do about them. Do not assume that a judge or jury will find you guilty just because of one test.

30 Years Of Criminal Defense Knowledge And Experience Serving You

One of the advantages of working with me is that you will benefit from my years of experience serving as a prosecutor in Will County. I know what evidence prosecutors will try to use against you, and I know how to challenge it.

Need To Challenge A Blood Or Breathalyzer Test?

I am intimately familiar with blood and breath testing procedures, and I can investigate the validity of those tests. I can determine if the Breathalyzer was functioning properly, how the hospital drew your blood and whether law enforcement followed the proper procedures. If law enforcement violated your rights, I could potentially file a motion to suppress the evidence.

Joliet Breathalyzer Test Refusal Defense Lawyer

Many layers of consequences accompany DUI arrests. In Illinois, refusal to take a breath or blood test can result in an immediate and drastic penalty: Your driver’s license may be suspended or revoked. Depending on your prior record, you could lose your license for up to three years, or even permanently. This penalty may be imposed in addition to the sentence arising from the underlying DUI proceedings in criminal court.

Fortunately, however, you have the right to challenge the revocation or suspension. To do so, you must request a hearing within a limited time frame after your arrest. Professional legal guidance is critical to protecting your driving privileges.

Protecting Your Driving Privileges · Fighting For Your Freedoms

I am Douglas G. DeBoer, a Breathalyzer test refusal defense attorney in Joliet, Illinois. By contacting me to take advantage of a free consultation, you can explore ways to reduce or avoid license suspension. I will examine all angles of your case to protect your driving privileges and challenge the underling DUI case.

I will leave no stone unturned in analyzing every means of challenging the administrative suspension or revocation proceedings, for example, by:

Challenging the validity of the traffic stop

Challenging the proceedings on the basis that your rights were violated

Obtaining a special permit that will allow you to drive for most of the suspension period

Each case is different. However, one thing that is constant in every case is my dedication to fight hard for clients’ freedoms and future.

Going The Extra Mile

At the Law Office of Douglas G. DeBoer, you can expect personal service and individual attention. I consistently go the extra mile to build the strongest possible defense for every client.

As a former prosecutor and lifelong resident of the Joliet area, I know the local justice system inside and out. I understand how to effectively challenge DUI cases. I know how the prosecutor, judge and jury examine such cases. My extensive knowledge and experience in criminal law is an invaluable advantage to each of my clients.

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I can guide you through the process of challenging your driver’s license suspension. I offer evening and weekend meetings by appointment. Jail visits are also available. 

Call the Law Office of Douglas G. DeBoer to schedule a free consultation. You will work with an attorney who is dedicated to protecting your rights. Our office is conveniently located near the jail and Joliet courthouse.