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When police officers pull someone over for a suspected DUI, they often perform field sobriety tests. These tests are meant to be rough physical indicators of whether a person is intoxicated, and they are often critical forms of evidence in the state’s case. However, such tests are often unreliable or improperly administered.

Why Field Sobriety Tests Are Important

To effectively challenge a DUI, you must know how to find the weaknesses in the field sobriety tests that were performed. Mounting an effective DUI defense demands in-depth familiarity with all aspects of field sobriety tests — which types are reliable, how to properly perform them and how to determine whether they are accurate.

A Former Prosecutor With Proven Experience

I am Douglas G. DeBoer, a field sobriety test attorney in Joliet. I understand the importance of challenging field sobriety tests in DUI cases, and I know how to effectively fight DUI charges. I am dedicated to defending clients’ rights and futures.

As a former prosecutor with 30 years of criminal law experience, I bring a valuable level of firsthand knowledge to the table. I am very familiar with field sobriety tests. I understand which types of tests are reliable, how they should properly be administered and how to challenge their accuracy. My proven courtroom experience will be a significant advantage for you from the moment we walk through the courtroom doors.

Which Field Sobriety Tests Are Unreliable?

In Illinois, there are three types of standardized field sobriety tests:

Horizontal gaze nystagmus test (eye test): In this test, the police officer asks the suspect to follow a pen or flashlight with his or her eyes.

Walk and turn test: This test involves walking heel-to-toe for a certain number of steps.

One-leg stand test: This test requires standing on one leg while counting to 30.

Depending on how they were performed and what other circumstances were at play, these tests can be unreliable. Numerous factors other than alcohol or drug impairment may cause individuals to fail these tests. Additionally, police officers sometimes use nonstandard field sobriety tests, which are far less reliable and therefore easier to challenge.

Whatever the particular circumstances of your case, I will leave no stone unturned in building the strongest possible defense. I will use every legal tool at my disposal to help you fight back against the charges.

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